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Valentine Blog Hop

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Congratuations to the winners of the Valentine Blog Hop, listed here at  
Book Luvin' Babes,

The special prize winner for my blog is Christina Hormiguz. She wins this cute pair of couple-doll accessories for her bag or mobile phone. They were bought at the very romantic Sun Moon Lake, one of the memorable places the couple spent a wonderful time at.
                          Adorable, aren't they?

Three consolation prizes of an ebook goes to:
   Lam Wan Cho
   Gillian Yee
   Tammy Veraz

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the book. 


Three consoliation prizes of an ebook of your choice:
- Bright Links Dark Links (Paranormal Romance Thriller)
- Big Bully (Children's illustrated ebook written in both English & Chinese) 

To Enter:

1) Purchase a copy of Through The Storm HERE  
      - here are some excerpts from the book

2) Find the password Eric revealed to his kidnapper to save his beloved. Hint: This is somewhere inside chapter 44 of the book.  Email the answer to gentlecloud latest by 14th February. 

I'll enter all the names into a hat and draw out the winner. The winner will not only win the special prize listed here but also be entered into the Grand Prize Draw.  

For extra chances at winning, "hop" from one participating blog to the next and answer each author's question. Use the
Book Luvin' Babes site as a launch pad to each blog.

Good luck and have fun!

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