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Gentle Cloud is the pen name of an incurable insomniac who cavorts with her favorite hero and heroine in the dead of night. The name, Gentle Cloud, coined by her husband of twenty years, is the direct translation of her Chinese name, Su Yin. She resides with her family in Singapore. 

Her first book, Through The Storm, was written right after a major catastrophe hit Asia in 2004. It serves as a reminder to count our blessings and treasure our loved ones, that through all the tragedies and natural calamities, God prevails, love will triumph, and the world will still be beautiful.

Bright Links Dark Links, her second book, was originally titled Warring Gods. It was written during a difficult time in her life where she became reflective of the religions around her and the balance in the spiritual realm. What emerged is a dark paranormal suspense, with legions of spirits which connect with people through links, a terror network in the netherworld.

She has started on her third book, using one of the characters from Bright Links Dark Links which beta-readers have expressed surprisingly keen interest in.

For those who are curious about Singapore, here are some bite-sized information:
Singapore, founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles, is a small island near the Equator with just over 5 million people. She boasts of the world's most expensive durian - aka, the Esplanade - a multi-million dollar theatre by the bay. The Merlion in the photo is uniquely Singapore, a lion's head with a merman's tail. To foodies around the world, Singapore is fondly remembered for its chilli crab. To know more about this 'small red dot' - which in itself, has a story, check out http:

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