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Welcome to GentleCloud Online, featuring works by author Tan Su Yin & friends.

Here is a quick peek at what Through The Storm and Bright Links Dark Links are about. Check out the embedded booktrailer videos and the book extracts. If you like poetry, there is a free download for Poems For The Soul here at this site. Enjoy! 

A young man, pining for his mother, threw in all his energy to writing music and singing to fill the void. He shot to fame, but was attacked out at sea during a short vacation. The storm swept him ashore in Phuket where a young girl saved him. 
A cruel twist of fate claimed the lives of the girl's family and threw the young couple together. Even as their friendship blossomed into love, danger stalked them, growing bolder and more desperate, threatening to destroy everything in its path.  

Watch the 4-part book trailer

Read excerpts of this poignant romance suspense book HERE



A paranormal suspense which would appeal to the huge and fast growing fanbase of paranormal stories such as The Ring, The Shining and The Omen. Bright Links Dark Links deliver a spine-chilling tale of a couple who stumbled upon a demonic master plan to raise the dead. A bizarre part of this scheme is that only twins are involved, always with one missing and one left ... alive. 

Jeanie Shen has the unwanted ability to see and communicate with spirits. She meets Sam Wu who has just moved into a large, sprawling bungalow, not knowing that it is the venue of two strange deaths earlier in the year.

On her first visit to Sam's home to meet his family, the spirit of a frightened young boy connects with Jeanie and pleads for help against an evil man. Not long after, Sam is violently attacked at his home. As they dig into the history of his place, strange things happen, resulting in a trail of dead bodies as Jeanie and Sam race against time to stop a demonistic masterplan from taking place. 

Read excerpts of the book HERE

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