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Book Reviews

For Through The Storm

Krag Brotby

"Lush and lovely. A fine piece of craft. Not sappy. Quiet, wonderful."

Rosie Wee 

"Against a backdrop of intrigue, Su Yin weaves romance, friendship and parental relationship into an insightful fabric of experience. A delightful read for the ardent romantics."





Dan Holloway

"Tan Su Yin's elegant, understated prose works wonderfully for romance, conveying tenderness without being mawkish, and - very satisfyingly - never shying away from physical horror yet managing to remain centred in calm."

Sherill Villanueva

"An outstnding ending! After all the tragedies and natural calamities, love will triumph, and the world will still be beautiful."




 For Bright Links Dark Links

Andy Szpuk

"Bright Links Dark Links is a story that shines - the themes of tradition and modernity are interwoven well, as Jeanie & Sam's relationships take one or two twists and turns before plunging into a maelstrom of a spirit world where evil forces are invading and causing mayhem. 

A compelling story, thought-provoking and moving, a thoroughly entertaining read."

              Carlyle Clark

"Heckuva of a read. This is not your run-of-the-mill angsty paranormal romance with beautiful suffering people meandering around and brooding. Tan relied on suspense and tension instead of gore to carry the horror portions.  

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys pacey and scary romance novels with protaganists you can root for."




Mandy White

"A chilling and suspense-filled ghost story that captivated me right from the beginning ... difficult to put down. Highly recommended."

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